Best APUSH Resources
  • Ken Burns Documentaries I have learned so much from these documentaries. They are a great way to supplement any American History course, including APUSH. I’ve streamed some of them on Amazon Prime; others, I’ve watched on They are all excellent, though I think The Roosevelts is my favorite. 
  • Khan Academy AP US HISTORY I don’t love all of the Khan Academy courses, but much of this one is excellent. The lessons are short reads and/or videos, and there are little quizzes to test yourself along the way. Another great resource to supplement any US History course.
  • The American Pageant AP Edition — Of all the American history I’ve dipped into, this one is hands down my favorite. They include lots of details that may seem irrelevant but bring the stories to life. Even if this isn’t the book you are using for school, I would order a used copy to keep on hand for reference. Also, I like print books (and you can order used copies pretty inexpensively, especially from Abe Books), but many sites post the chapters of the book for free. 
  • AP US History Past Exam Questions on the College Board’s website — The College Board posts the essay questions (called Free Response questions), sample essays, and exam grader comments from years past. This is extremely helpful for the final AP Exam.
  • History Documentaries — Historically significant public domain motion pictures from the 1900s. I’ve never actually watched these, but I want to!
  • Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History — APUSH Study Guide broken down by period. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is a nonprofit public charity whose mission is to promote an understanding of American history. The site includes 75,000 documents, including unique primary source materials.